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Family Meals

Family meals
Cines Centro screening room 1
Dana Budisavljevic creates a puzzle by means of a series of meetings with her family and becomes its key piece. Five years have gone by since she, her parents and brother gathered together for the last time. She speaks first with each one of them alone before they all join together for a birthday dinner. Following the pattern set by Louis Malle in his classic My Dinner with André (1981), Budisavlejic explores by means of conversations the foundations of the links between the characters. She goes beyond such topics as weather, health or politics and questions each and every one of them: what drove us apart? Was it the fact that one of the kids is homosexual? The parents’ latent neurosis? The changing landscape in Croatia after the civil war? The ghosts of family secrets and wounds become apparent and are confronted in order to show that even if we try to turn things around, blood ties are the strongest and that such a simple rite as sitting down for dinner with our relatives can be the most enlightening experience of all.
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