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Little Spain

Nacionalidad Estados Unidos
Año 2014
Duración  63 min
Idioma original  Inglés, español
Dirección  Artur Balder
Montaje Jason Aydeloti, Antonio M. Galindo, Artur Balder
Fotografía  Pedro J. Padilla
Música  Anton Bruckner
Dirección de arte  Maaike Vanderveeen
Producción  Jason Aydelott
Compañía productora  Da Vinci Films LLC
Certainly any film buff can remember, even if they’ve never been to New York, the densely populated streets of Little Italy in the 50’s. That’s thanks to the memories, transformed in images, of filmmakers such as Martin Scorsese. They could also describe the hustle and bustle in Chinatown shops, its festive dragons moving to the music during the Chinese New Year but… what could we say about Little Spain? Artur Balder’s documentary comes to fill in this gap in history and discover for us a reality so far unknown in our country, that of the Spaniards who were part of the Big Apple’s history. By telling their stories we also tell the story of the lost war many fled from and, above all, we see the great NY as the collective recipient for the dreams of all the immigrants, we realize again how the hopes for a better future always sailed starboard from Ellis Island and the Statue of Liberty, always to the North.
Biografía del director
Artur Balder’s (Alicante, 1974) first novel, La piedra del monarca (The magic rider, 2004, reprinted by Montena in 2011), was already a big hit, a children literature best-seller; it was followed by Curdy’s historic fantasy saga, consisting of La cámara de los lores, El cetro de Carlomagno and El vampiro de Gothland (Montena), and translated to several languages. Also active in the movies, Balder has shot in New York several long features, among them Little Spain (2010) and New Tales on 14th Street (2011), about the story of Spanish migration to the States and the Spanish neighbourhood in Manhattan.